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 Welcome to Scaccia Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning

Since 2001, Bob Scaccia and his staff have been helping the residents of Southern New Hampshire regain their physical strength and function through his private physical therapy practice. As a private practice, Bob and his staff work for you, not a corporation or physician.  This indepence allows the staff to make judgements and decisions based on your needs in an unbiased, professional manner.

It is the staff's attention to detail and relationship skills that have helped Scaccia Physical Therapy and Sports Conditioning establish itself as one of the areas premier health care facilities.

The treatments consist of skilled manual therapy techniques and exercises performed under close supervision  to strengthen, regain range of motion, re-learn movement and/or rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system to improve function.  Patients receive the time they need, not an arbitrary number based on profits or corporate pressures.

But the focus is getting you to become the best you can be.

Call or visit Scaccia PT&SC, or send us an email and get on your pathway to success today.



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As a division 1 athlete and now as a professional athlete, I have experienced my fair share of injuries and rehab. So when I had surgery going into my 4th season playing basketball at the top level in Europe, I was discouraged at the thought of going through the rehabilitation motions, which after it all would only get me back to where I started. I was recommended to Scaccia PT through a family member. Coming from a large university and various top level professional programs, I was skeptical of a small practice in NH. My skepticism quickly vanished after my first session with Bob and his team at Scaccia PT. Over the years, I have been through a variety of training and rehab programs and none have compared to Scaccia PT. Bob and his team took the time to look at me as an individual not just as a basketball player and created a comprehensive program tailored to my body’s specific needs. Not only did the program rehab my knee locally, it also focused on strengthening by whole body to help cushion and protect my knee in the future. As an athlete, most programs you follow are tailored to your sport, however, Bob took it a step farther to tailor a program for my position and my individual style of play. At this point in my life my body is my career so you can imagine how important a quick and successful rehab was to me and my family. Unlike any other therapist I have worked with, Bob and his staff’s main concern was ALWAYS getting me back on the court no matter how much extra time or effort it took. They never focused on the clock and trying to stay within the allotted appointment time in order to squeeze in as many patients as possible. Instead they focused on what you needed to accomplish that session to get another step closer to your goals. My doctor was shocked at my progress after just a few weeks and now I can say that thanks to Bob not only my knee but my whole body is stronger and more dependable then it was pre-surgery. This has been an amazing experience that I will be grateful for and benefiting from every time I step on the court. I would recommend Scaccia PT and the Complete Athlete to any person looking for professionals who are knowledgeable in their trade and willing to put the time and effort in WITH you throughout your rehabilitation/training experience. Thanks Bob and Scaccia PT for getting me back to doing what I love to do and giving me the opportunity to continue my career as a stronger, more balanced athlete.
TJ Thompson
George Washington University '05
CBA Minor League (Leading Scorer and Passer at 27pt and 6 assist pg) '06-'07
France Professional Divison A '07-'09 (Top 3 in league for scoring and assists)
Greece Professional 1st Division '09-'10

"I can't say enough about Scaccia Physical Therapy. Bob is committed to a high level of care and is ingenious in devising individual plans tailored to your needs.

Bob's staff is just super... caring and attentative. Young and old, there is a sense of camaraderie among the patients as we laugh and groan together through exercises and treatments. This level of comfort goes a long way toward making us feel better, faster, and more willing to make the effort.

My insurance payments were for '30 minute' treatments, but here I was on Scaccia PT time, which is adjusted to need. My 1 1/2 hours included warm-up, remediation, and conditioning exercises, followed by hands-on manipulation then ultrasound or other specialized treatment. There was time to listen to my difficulties and along the way I was taught little things to help me cope and manage with the real world. In short, I was started on a program that would put the whole of me back into operation.

I wholeheartedly recommend this as THE place to put you back together again. I was very impressed and so were my doctors who '...could not believe their eyes,'  with my progress."

Thank you Scaccia Physical Therapy,

Bettye Mathews

I suffered a serious groin pull playing hockey.  After visiting Bob Scaccia and receiving 8 treatments across a period of 6 weeks, I can honestly say I've returned to the ice to finish my hockey season, with very little residual pain.  Anyone with this injury has told me it takes months, however, with the dedicated staff at Scaccia's, my recovery was amazing.  He and his staff went  above and beyond to meet my needs, however demanding, and delivered fantastic results.  If you're injured and you need sound, experienced, professional treatment, I highly recommend placing a call to Bob Scaccia Physical Therapy.

Craig T.