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One ownership, one shared vision: a healthier you!

This branch of Anytime Fitness is owned by Bob Scaccia and is adjacent to Scaccia Physical Therapy in Windham. Our physical therapists work closely with the personal trainers to develop individualized gym programs to help patients safely and seamlessly transition from physical therapy to a new or improved lifestyle that includes regular exercise.  Discounts on gym memberships are available to patients at Scaccia Physical Therapy.   

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The Complete Athlete is owned by Bob Scaccia and is also home to Scaccia Physical Therapy's Derry location. Strength coaches and therapists work closely together to help student athletes safely transition back to their sports. Click below to learn more about their comprehensive speed and strength program for student athletes. 


Milestone Small Group Training is adjacent to Anytime Fitness. They believe smaller is better.  In fact, it is better.  Smaller fitness training classes allow closer supervision.  Closer supervision ensures better form and technique. Better form and technique is safer.  Safer exercises prevent injuries.



Occupational therapy is available through ITA at our Scaccia Physical Therapy Windham location.


Occupational therapy is available through Dracut Hand Therapy at Dracut Physical Therapy.

The Great Escape Massage Therapy of Windham

Massage therapy is available through Great Escape Massage Therapy adjacent to Scaccia Physical Therapy in Windham.

A dietician from The Nutrition Factory sees patients at Anytime Fitness in Windham by appointment.